Tuesday, October 14, 2008


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Internet, in a lot of ways is like a Girlfriend to me. For a fact, She knows more about me, than myself.. Bank Account numbers, Passwords to email accounts, where I have documented every emotion and intimate occurrence in my life. She holds secrets that can make and break relationships. I have exposed my weakness & strengths and I stand completely defenseless in front of her. In a way, I have just tied a leach around my neck and have given it to Miss Internet.

Now that I have established, what I share with her, she is a lot like a HOT teenage girl who is really confused about her priorities. Take for example google search, you almost never get what you want, and the few times that you do, its because some SEO( for all those who don't know what it means.. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, is the modern day lingo for world war 3 on the internet, a fight between the Search engines to give the relevant information and SEO consultants to try and beat the system) consultant has done the job for his boss. She trusts almost everyone and will a little or almost no effort. In apt words, SHE IS LOSE!! She is like a child who loves lolli pops and will go behind anyone who offers her that.

NOW,you thinking, it's a not wise thing that I have done… and you don't have any respect for me at this point, right?? But wait, you have not heard the whole story. Over the last few years, I have been nurtured with information and bombarded with tools and application that not only organizes life, but has truly has OPTIMISED LIFE. Between us, I actually googled the "purpose of Life" , hoping for an answer! All that I have do is, wake up in the morning and get connected to the internet and the rest of the activities are like a chained reaction.

The century was marked by people asking for email address and Gtalk IDs instead of residential address. It just goes to say that, Internet has truly become an integral part of my life and I speak for a billion people. One good thing about her is, good or bad, SHE IS THERE FOR YOU.

I am sure anyone reading this will totally empathize with me and my relationship with the internet. Therefore, here I am trying to make a point that internet security is of paramount importance. Metaphorically, Internet Security is the "condom" that you need to let yourself lose, and feel safe on the internet ( cant think of a better way to get this across!!). And once again, using the very same medium, I hope to discuss here the latest trends and happenings on the Internet Security Market.

Also lets discuss more about adware removers and blockers, spyware removal programs, Latest Antivirus software developments, Personal Firewalls, ad-aware and other computer security related programs at SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) & Enterprise Level Internet security measures.

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